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Help & FAQs

General Inquiries:

Yes, our print shop caters to everyone—individuals, businesses, both locally and across the nation, offering a wide array of printing solutions tailored to your needs.

Printing Services:

Absolutely, we provide digital proofs to guarantee your satisfaction with the final print outcome.

We're proud of our swift turnaround, offering same-day or next-day services for various print products to meet your deadlines.

White ink can be uniquely applied to colored paper using specific printing techniques, even though white is generally not printed.

For top-quality prints, we accept PDF, JPEG, and TIFF formats.

We print in a CMYK (or “full color”) printer. This means all our products are printed using Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K) ink. RGB is a screen color display mode - it is not suitable for previewing colors for print. Some colors that can be displayed on screen in RGB cannot be printed in CMYK - fluorescent green is one of these colors. We accept file in RGB format, but the colors will be converted to CMYK in your proof. We cannot guarantee 100% color match.

Files should be at a minimum of 300 DPI to ensure high-quality print results for digital prints and at least 150 DPI for large format prints.

Support and Orders:

Yes, we provide detailed estimates to help you plan your project effectively.

Your privacy is paramount. We ensure strict confidentiality and security for all your sensitive data.

Our flexible service accommodates orders of all sizes, tailored to your specific needs.

Our expert team offers comprehensive design support to bring your creative visions to life.

We're here to help with best practices for file preparation, ensuring flawless print quality.

Environmental Commitment:

Committed to sustainability, we utilize eco-friendly practices and materials to reduce our environmental impact.

Pricing and Material Options:

Pricing is transparent and based on project specifics like size, quantity, and material choice.

Our diverse material selection includes various paper stocks and eco-friendly options to suit every project's needs.

Contact Us:

For additional inquiries, quotes, or to learn more about how we can meet your printing needs while driving social change, contact us today. Let’s print a better tomorrow, together.

Phone: (323) 539-2196

Email: PrintShop_CustomerService@GoodwillSoCal.org